Costa Rica FAQ

FAQ / Costa Rica Travel Tips

What airport do I fly into?

The Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia (LIR), roughly an hour from Playa Grande is the most convenient airport to fly into.

What airlines fly into Liberia?
United and Delta offer the most flight options in and out of Liberia.

What types of clothes should I bring?
Most people over-pack. You will be happy with bathing suits, swimsuit cover-ups, a long sleeved rash guard for the water, lightweight shorts, skirts and tees, a sun hat or baseball cap, one warm sweatshirt, one light rain-jacket, flip flops, and one nicer outfit if you feel like dressing up. If you forget something, please note, Frijoles Locos, a wonderful surf boutique is just a short walk up the street.

Are there bugs?
Yes. Just like any tropical climate, the bugs come out at night. Bring bug spray.

How warm is the water this time of year?
Around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the air temperature this time of year?
75-92 degrees Fahrenheit

If I look at the weather report online and it shows “Rain” for my entire trip does this mean it is going to “Rain” my entire trip?
Lucky for us, we are going at the beginning of what is considered the rainy season. Although we can’t ever control the weather, this has historically been a beautiful time of year for our group.

Will I get sunburned?
The sun is very strong and high-powered sunscreen is absolutely recommended.

What if I get sick or injured?
The Playa Grande Health Clinic is located less than five-minutes from The Rip Jack Inn. It is clean and professional.

What time zone is Playa Grande, Costa Rica located?
MST – Mountain Standard Time

Should I tip?
At the end of your stay, the hotel staff greatly appreciates it.

How do I get around?
You don’t need a vehicle, however if you would like to go on a longer excursion away from the hotel, taxi shuttles are available for a fee.
Cruiser Bicycles are also included in your retreat package.