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Sport fishing boat in costa rica
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Sport Fishing in Costa Rica

Hook 'em Up Buttercup!

The North Pacific is the perfect base for Costa Rica’s world class sport fishing. With the continental shelf a mere 10 miles offshore, blue water species, including blue, black and striped marlin, pacific sailfish, dorado, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, fall within a short run of all of our captains.

Right inside Flamingo Bay are parked a variety of boats for every sports fishing option. You can choose from a budget-priced, single engine panga to the fully equipped state-of-the-art electronics, bathroom equipped luxury boat for your seafaring adventure. Also choose between half-day or full-day, inshore or offshore fishing  Flamingo truthfully boasts a 12-month fishing season, with certain months excelling for different fish.

Here is a breakdown of the fish to be caught:

Sailfish: Caught throughout the year, with May through August normally the top season. They may begin to thin out in September and the slowest months are from late August through November.

Marlin: Caught every month of the year, with mid-November to early March exceptional, then slowing a bit from April into early June when it picks up again, peaking in August and September.

Roosterfish: This fabulous species is caught all year, although there are more caught in the Papagayo Bay area from November through March. That may be because more boats in the northernmost area of this region are fishing inshore during those windy months.

Wahoo: The Guanacaste fishing first catches are about the time the rains start in May, peaking in July and August. Most are caught around the rocky points and islands, but you will pick one up occasionally fishing offshore.

Tuna: Guanacaste fishing tuna peak months are probably August through October, but when all else fails, there are always tuna, anytime of the year you want to look for them, and more often than not when you’d just as soon avoid them to concentrate on billfish. The yellowfin and some Big eye tuna are often found well inside the Catalina Islands, 30 minutes or less running time from the beach.

Dolphin or Dorado: These colourful fish are most abundant from late May through October when the seasonal rains flood the rivers, carrying out debris that forms trash lines close inshore that they like to lie under. Troll past a floating log and you’ll likely hook a Dorado.

Includes: All equipment, lunch, snacks and drinks
What to bring: Comfortable clothes, sun block and your camera

Offshore full day: $1600, $1050 or $900
Onshore Half Day: $950, $750 or $625

The price is dependent of the boat, maximum 5 people /  small boat available.  Please email to inquire or set up your sport fishing adventure.